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Modal Satin Fabric

Modal Satin Fabric

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Modal satin fabric is a kind of glossy fabric with good texture. It uses  satin weave method and has a lot of varieties. In the satin weave, there is only one kind of surface covered by the floating length, and covering a separate tissue point with a uniform distribution. Therefore, the surface of the fabric is smooth and glossy. There are weft and warp satins. Satin fabric is the most complex among the silk products. The fabric has the most colorful appearance and the highest level of technological content. Commonly seen satin is made into cheongsam, quilt cover and jacket. It has a smooth and soft texture. It is characterized by a variety of ancient fragrant satin , rich in color, fine in texture, and elegant in splendor. With a national style and hometown color, most suits in the Tang Dynasty are made of the fabric.

Modal fiber is made of European beeches and then into wood pulp, processed into fibers through the specialized spinning process. Raw materials are 100% natural and harmless to human body. It can be decomposed naturally without harm to the environment. Natural modal fiber has many advantages. It has cotton softness, silky luster and flax-like smoothness. Its water absorption and air permeability are superior to those of cotton. Satin has a smooth and soft texture Modal satin cloth feels soft and has good draping with good dressing effects. Good form stability, natural anti-wrinkle and no need to iron make it dress more convenient and natural. In addition, modal fiber also dyes easily. Most importantly, the modal fiber can be blended with any other fiber. Based on its mentioned advantages, modal fabric is widely used in the clothing production, such as skirt, dress, blouse and so on.

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