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Company Profile

Since established, Beaut4EcoTex proudly itself as a leading manufacturer in innovation and quality in regenerated cellulose woven & knitted textile fabrications for women's dress and blouses. We are recognized for "Green" & Eco friendly, and always following the latest advances in the textile industry using newest technology and advocate environmental protection, and we also strive to maintain and improve our level of expertise and service.

We focus on our Eco friendly fabrics because of the sustainable benefits, either because of the barely impact on the environment in production, or the longevity of wear. Our three core fabric series: Tencel, Modal and Cuprammonuium which are all naturally-derived, biodegradable, and sustainable. The dyes and prints used in our fabrics are OEKO-TEK 100 Standard certified. This means they are free of harmful chemicals which makes the fabrics kinder on both the skin, human health, and the environment as well.

Eco Textiles biodegrade naturally with time goes. But Synthetic textiles eventually become waste or harmful toxins when they degrade. High risks to invade the water, pollute not only the fish, plants, but also even reaching human consumption. However, Eco fibers grow without any toxic pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which could avoid horrible environmental problems.

What's more, our eco-friendly line for Tencel, Mdal and Cupro, works as minimal harm the environment as we know how to make them when practice from dyes, prints and finishes, etc.

Social Responsibility
From the very beginning of our establishment, we are the strictly forbidden use of child labor, any discrimination, compulsive work is not allowed. We sign labor contract according to law, in accordance with the law of regular payment of wages, the vacation in accordance with the law; And provide accident injury insurance for the employees.

Building a sustainable business is more than just make fabrics eco-friendly, but also ensuring our business practices are financially feasible so that we can continue to build a business for years yet to come.

By make-to-order, we can save big stock value used for our flexible management, such as company outings, living wage compensation, and comprehensive health and lifestyle benefits for staffs internally.

On the other hand, we have drafted standards and do not tolerate the practice of bribery and corruption in any manner in dealings with partners, subcontractor or any of their employees or associated parties.

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