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Cupro Tencel Fabric

Cupro Tencel Fabric

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Cuprammouium tencel fabric is generally blended with high quality cotton fiber and silk, it has less impurities and is delicate. What’s more, it combines with a superior silk fiber, so cuprammouium tencel fabricare are good looking products no matter in color, strip or strength. It has better quality than cotton and it’s fuller than pure silk. It is a high quality raw material to improve the traditional textile.

Cuprammouium tencel fabric is rich in texture, rich in cotton color, while pure silk is crystal clear, light and soft. The pure silk fabric designed with pure silk is fluttering, casual but not very stylish. While the copper ammonia sky silk cotton is generally used to design a stable, medium and thick product, which enriches the functional style of the silk fabric.

Although the style features of pure silk of the silk fabric make the fashion world have a basic understanding of the silk, the pure silk can no longer represent the main features of the silk fabric as the demand is changing. Pure silk's color and lustre is delicate and elegant, only for developing some characteristic products. However, all kinds of blended silk have more style and variability. Cuprammouium tencel fabric is a typical example.

Cuprammouium tencel fabric is different from pure silk. Cotton makes cuprammouium tencel fabric fuller, richer and thicker. Its color and lustre is between cotton and silk, it feels more flexible, not transparent and light. It can be used to develop a number of stable and stylish fashion fabric.

We often publicize the silk fabric as a soft and flexible casual fashion fabric, which is mainly pure silk, and it is deeply ingrained. In the future, the silk fabric is far more than this single style. Cuprammouium tencel fabric will change people's recognition of silk fabrics with a steady and generous style.

In addition to the above style difference, cuprammouium tencel fabric is also very excellent in the function performance. We don’t have to mention silk’s moisture absorption and permeability and ecological function, because people are quite familiar with it. Cotton is also a well known natural textile raw material, it is warm in summer and cool in summer, and its breathable perspiration ability is powerful, too. As a result, cuprammouium tencel fabric, combined with natural functions, is still excellent.
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