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100% Modal Jersey Knit Fabric

100% Modal Jersey Knit Fabric

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Modal fiber, a new kind of environmentally friendly fiber, combines the comfort of cotton, the draping of viscose, the strength of polyester and the touch of silk, remaining soft and bright in colors after repeated washing. Its knitting process also combines the soft, fluffy, high elastic and comfortable function of the fiber and knitting to complement the superior performance of the two. With the circular knitting machine, single and double knitting fabrics made of Modal and bare spandex filament are soft, smooth and elastic with good draping, moisture permeability, and silky touch. The fashionable dresses made of such fabric can maximize the beauty of human body curves and the sexy charm of the female carcass. They are high-grade knitted dresses favored by the avant-garde fashion groups.

Features of Modal fibers 100% Modal Jersey Knit Fabric

(1) 100% Modal Jersey Knit Fabric is characterized by its high strength fiber uniformity, whose wet strength is about 50% of dry strength, better than the performance of viscose with good spinnability and weaving. The comparison of the dry and wet strength of viscose, Modal and cotton is shown in the table:
Dry strength (cN/ Tex)
34 25
Wet strength (cN/ Tex) 
15 19 29

(2) 100% Modal Jersey Knit Fabric has a high wet modulus and its shrinkage rate is only about 1%, while the shrinkage rate of viscose fibers yarn in boiling waters is as high as 6.5%.

(3) Its high strength makes it suitable for producing ultra-fine fibers and can also be spun on the ring, cup and airflow spinning machines. The fine yarn has almost no defect. It is suitable for weaving light fabrics (such as 80g/m2 ultra-thin fabric) and heavy fabrics. The ultra-thin fabric has good strength, appearance, touch, draping and processing performance. The heavy fabric made of gives a thick but not bulky feeling.

(4) Modal fiber spinning can produce more uniform strips, which can be blended with other fibers such as wool, cotton, hemp, silk, and polyester to get high-quality yarns.

(5) Modal fiber can be processed with traditional cellulose fiber pre-treatment, bleaching and dying. Traditional dyes used in cellulose fibers, such as direct dyes, reactive dyes, VAT dyes, sulphur dyes and azo dyes, can be used in the dying of Modal fabrics. They have the same dyeing rate. Modal fabric has a bright color. When blended with cotton and mercerized, it has the uniform and dense dyeing with lasting colors.

(6) Its good appearance makes it have a silky luster and look elegant, greatly improving the clothing level. Its good touch and draping make the clothes appear more elegant and portable; Its extremely soft touch endows the texture with the title of "second skin".
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