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Modal Blended Woven Fabrics

  • Modal Clothing Material

    The dry strength of the modal clothing material is close to that of polyester, while the wet strength is much better than that of ordinary viscose. Its gloss, softness, hygroscopicity, dyeing, dyeing ... Modal Clothing Material
  • Cotton And Modal Blend Fabric

    Modal is also called Modal fiber. The raw material is made of European beech woods, then made into pulp and woven into the Modal fiber. The raw material is 100% natural and harmless to human body. It ... Cotton And Modal Blend Fabric
  • Modal Lycra Fabric

    Lycra, called the "friendly" fiber, is made from 95% cotton and 5% Lycra, which is now synonymous with spandex.Its main features are as followsOne of its most important features is its amazing stretch... Modal Lycra Fabric
  • Modal Satin Fabric

    Modal satin fabric is a kind of fabrics, which is woven with silk, polyester and other fibers. It's a glossy fabric with good texture. It uses various flowers and silk fabrics of the satin weave and h... Modal Satin Fabric
  • Modal Cashmere Fabric

    Cashmere is a thin layer of fine velvet growing in the outer cortex and covered in coarse roots of the goat. It grows to fight against cold in the winter and falls in the warming spring to adapt to na... Modal Cashmere Fabric
Modal is a cellulose fiber of high humidity modulus developed by the Lenzing Company. The raw material of the fiber is made of European beech woods, made into wood pulp and then processed into fibers through the special spinning process. The raw materials of this product are all natural materials, which are harmless to human body and can be decomposed naturally without harm to the environment. There is no pollution in the whole production process of the fiber. It is soft, smooth and bright. The fabric feels special and smooth. The fabric is bright, and its draping is better than that of the existing cotton and polyester. It has pure silky luster and touch and it's a kind of natural/green fabrics.

Modal fiber has the strength and toughness of synthetic fibers. Its dry strength is 35.6cn, while its wet strength is 25.6cn. The strength is higher than that of the pure cotton and polyester, which reduces the breakage in the processing.

The moisture absorption ability of modal fiber is 50% higher than that of cotton fiber, which makes the Modal fabric keep dry and have good air penetrability. It is the ideal skin-friendly fabric and healthy clothing products, beneficial to the body's physiological circulation and health.

Compared with cotton fibers, modal fiber has good shape and dimensional stability so that the fabric has natural anti-wrinkle and non-ironing function, making it more convenient and natural to wear.

As one of the natural materials, Modal has obvious comfort, soft and delicate features. It also has a certain degree of gloss. There are often merchants selling the modal clothing, describing how comfortable and skin-friendly it is. It is obvious that such fabric has a certain degree of delicacy, but it's often too soft, lacking a hard feeling. In order to improve the bad straightness of pure modal products, they can be blended with other fibers to achieve good effects.
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