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100% Cupro Woven Fabrics

100% Cupro Woven Fabrics

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The cross-section of the cupro fiber is round, it has no core structure. The fiber can bear high tensile strength, the prepared monofilament is fine, generally below 1.33dtex (1.2 deniers), up to 0.44dtex (0.4 deniers).

Cuprammonium fiber is 100% cellulose fiber, and it's green and decomposable. Because the raw material of cuprammonium fiber is extracted from the short wool of cottonseed in cotton, it is easily decomposed by soil and water bacteria. It will not release poisonous gas when burning, and the waste can be easily decomposed, so it has environmental protection performance. 

The cross-section of cuprammonium fiber is approximately round, strong, and soft, its dry strength is close to the ordinary viscose, its fiber density is larger than polyester, the draping is good, the fiber dyeing property is good, the dyestuff used for viscose fiber can also be used in the cuprammonium fiber, the dye is bright, the color spectrum is originated, the color fastness is good, and the dye rate is high. It is not easy to fade, it has a good stability.

The moisture absorption performance of the cuprammonium fiber is good, it can quickly absorb and discharge the moisture of the human body, restrain the feeling of heat and sticky, adjust the clothes to the comfortable humidity, which can provide people the feeling of refreshing in all seasons.

The chemical stability of cuprammonium fiber is similar to that of viscose fiber. It is resistant to alkali and acid. It is easy to dissolve in concentrated acid and insoluble in organic solvents. The light fastness of cuprammonium fiber is similar to that of ordinary viscose fiber, and its wet modulus is large and its polymerization degree is high. The copper ammonia fiber has the large initial modulus, small fiber deformation, and better wear resistance than viscose fiber. It has the large hook strength and nodule strength, and the ability to resist deformation. 

The cuprammonium fiber has strong resistance to insolation and ultraviolet radiation, which is superior to ordinary viscose fiber. It has good resistance to mold and worm resistance. The surface of cuprammonium fiber has a certain friction coefficient, it has good cohesion among the fibers. It is not easy to produce static spinning and has good spinnability.

When cuprammonium fiber contacts with human skin, it feels soft and delicate, the silk feeling is strong. Cuprammonium fiber has little irritation to the human body. 

The moisture regains of cuprammonium fiber is larger than that of cotton fiber. It is close to silk and the moisture absorption ability is close to that of cast-in-situ fiber. Cuprammonium fiber has good heat resistance and stability. Because of its good hygroscopic property, the fiber has good anti-static property.  

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