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Tencel Jersey Fabric

Tencel Jersey Fabric

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It has strong dry and wet strength, and the dry-wet strength ratio is 85%.
Higher swelling property: dry-wet volume 1:1.4
It has unique fibrillation characteristics, that is, pure Tencel jersey fabrics will split along the fiber axis under the action of mechanical friction in wet state. After treatment, the unique peach skin style can be obtained.
Good spinnability: It can be pure spinning, but also with cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fibers, cashmere and other fibers blended interwoven. It is suitable for spinning various kinds of machine and knitting yarns.

Advantages of pure Tencel jersey fabrics

It has the "comfort" of cotton, the "strength" of polyester, the "luxurious beauty" of wool fabrics, the "unique touch" and "soft pendant" of silk, and is extremely tough in both dry and wet conditions. In wet condition, it is a kind of cellulose fiber with wet strength much better than cotton.

100% pure natural materials, coupled with environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, make lifestyle based on the protection of the natural environment, fully meeting the needs of modern consumers.

[Advanced Production Technology] Guarantee the novelty and reliability of the fabrics
[Professional production system] Ensure environmental protection and safety of fabrics produced
[Fabrics are widely used] Safe and comfortable, moisture absorption and sweat elimination, anti-UV, anti-static, flame retardant, waterproof, anti-bacterial and other products are mostly suitable for clothing fabrics, some of which are home textiles and decorative fabrics, and are exported to many countries and regions.
[Perfect customized processing management system] Strong strength to meet customer demand for customized wholesale fabrics
Fabrics can be customized according to the samples or provide special finishing services, such as moisture absorption and sweating, anti-UV, anti-static, flame retardant, waterproof, anti-bacterial, etc.

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