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Tencel Denim Fabric

Tencel Denim Fabric

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What is Tencel denim fabric? In fact, it can be understood as the innovation of cotton denim fabric, replacing traditional cotton with tencel, so as to upgrade its function and performance. At present, the most common Tencel denim fabrics are pure Tencel denim fabrics and Tencel cotton denim fabrics, accounting for more than 70% of the total production capacity of Tencel denim fabrics. Tencel denim fabric design innovation is not complicated; pure Tencel denim fabric is indigo blue or black yarn as warp yarn; interwoven with white weft yarn, the weave pattern is mainly twill, the vast majority of 21S, 30S, 16S yarn, thickness between 4.5 and 8.5 ounces, mainly for spring, summer and autumn three quarters leisure, trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses and casual shirts. Pure Tencel denim fabric is mostly made into washing water and sand washing, so as to make it more soft, fluffy, skin-friendly, more comfortable and casual to wear. Tencel cotton jeans can be divided into two design schemes. One is the interweaving of cotton as color yarn and white tencel, the other is the interweaving of Tencel as color yarn and white cotton yarn. These two kinds of Tencel cotton jeans are very popular because they have excellent cotton feeling, and also have the characteristics of Tencel's flexibility, light weight and graceful, and are not affected by the weather, with no limitation of tencel production capacity.

Characteristics of the tencel denim fabric:

1. Excellent properties of cellulose fibers: Tencel jeans feel refreshing and have good moisture absorption and air permeability. With silk drape, the skin can change from cotton to wool, silk and other real feelings.
2. Tencel fabric has high tensile strength: Tencel dry strength is close to polyester fiber; wet strength is in the range of 14-16%, and its tensile performance is higher than viscose fiber.
3. Tencel fibrillation: Tencel fabric is in wet state. When the fabric yarn is rubbed by hand, the surface of the yarn is pulled out of fine fibrils, which can change the performance of Tencel denim surface. After mercerizing, removing the long velvet on the cloth surface and mercerizing twice, the effect of the cloth surface is very beautiful.
4. Tencel denim has good stability in width and dimension: the shrinkage of denim is controlled within the standard range.
Tencel is known as the "21st century ecological fiber", so Tencel denim fabric reflects a distinct sense of scientific and technological innovation and progress of the times, wearing light and lively, breathable and moisture permeable comfortable, and eco-environmental protection and sustainable, especially suitable for young people's favorite leisure fashion, conform to the consumer upgrade, so Tencel denim fabric market has a bright future.

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