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Cupro Cotton Ramie Fabric

Cupro Cotton Ramie Fabric

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Cuprammonium cotton ramie fabric is not new to us. In our lives, many fabrics are made of cuprammonium cotton and ramie fabric. It is a solvent based cellulose fiber with solvent spinning technology. The dry strength is higher than the ordinary viscose fiber. The wet strength and strength of viscose are obviously improved, and it has a very high rigidity. So, next we will have a detailed understanding of the characteristics of cuprammonium cotton ramie fabric and you can also get a brief understanding.

Its environmental characteristics: the raw material comes from wood, it can be regenerated naturally, make wood pulp from wood, use NMMO spinning technology, dissolve wood pulp in ammonium oxide solvent directly, complete under physical action, recycle ammonium oxide solvent, recovery rate is over 99%, non-toxic, pollution-free, cuprammonium cotton ramie fabric can be biodegraded after use, and will not pollute the environment. It is known as "twenty-first Century green fiber" and has obtained the international green environmental protection certificate.

1. The regenerated fiber is the same as the main components of cotton and hemp.
2. The color is bright, the feeling is soft and the dress is comfortable. 
3. Poor anti-crease
4, the shrinkage rate is large, the wet strength is 40% lower than the dry strength. It can be soaked in water for a few minutes, but not too long, so that the color will not be damaged.
5. The wet strength of the cuprous cotton flax is only reduced by 15%.

The washing method of cuprammonium cotton ramie fabric

1. It can be immersed in water for a few minutes, but not too long, or the color will be damaged, avoid hot water immersion. 
2. Washing of cuprammonium cotton ramie fabric should be lighter than that cotton fabric, avoid rubbing vigorously, avoid hard brushes and wash, avoid stranding, then fold and squeeze water.
3. Wash it during immersion with water temperature no more than 45 degrees. 
4. Avoid insolation, dry in the shade. 
5. Wash it separately from other clothes.

The cuprammonium cotton ramie fabric has good washing stability of size and a smaller water washing shrinkage. Simply speaking, garments or other textiles made of this fabric need not worry about shrinkage after washing. It has a good gloss and is very beautiful, the feel is very smooth and comfortable. It is very good for making clothing next to the skin, and it will not cause harm to the skin.

The characteristics of cuprammonium cotton ramie fabric

The characteristics of cuprammonium cotton ramie fabric are mainly reflected in four aspects:
1. The cuprammonium cotton ramie fabric has strong hygroscopicity, when it is made into summer clothes, it can quickly absorb the body's sweat, make the wearer feel cool and comfortable. Its comfortableness is also excellent, it touches very smooth and thin.
2. The strength of cuprammonium cotton ramie fabric is higher than that of polyester fabric, so it is suitable for making some superfine fibers and can be used to weave some lightweight fabrics. At the same time, it can be used to weave some summer cotton linen, which can not only ensure the feeling of cool and comfortable but also make it not be easy to be damaged and remain durable.
3. The original fibrous property of the cuprammonium cotton ramie fabric is that the fiber can be split out of the fiber axially with the action of mechanical friction under the wet state. Through certain technology processing, you can get a unique skin style. 
4. The cuprammonium cotton ramie fabric can also be blended with cotton, wool and silk materials to make textile. And it can enhance the strength and touch of their fabric. Because of its unique characteristics, the cuprammonium cotton ramie fabric is more expensive than other fabrics.
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