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Tencel Cotton Blend Fabric

Tencel Cotton Blend Fabric

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Tencel cotton blended fabric is a kind of Tencel fabrics which is produced after blending with a certain percentage, generally 50% and 50%, of the tencel fabric and cotton. Although it contains Tencel, it is completely different from the silk fabric in the printing and dyeing. It does not need sand-washing and has a low risk and high efficiency, helping reduce costs. It's also very suitable for printing so Tencel fabric has more room for development.

Blended Tencel cotton fabric resolves many problems with long-car dyeing, reducing the risk and energy without sand washing and consumption, while the production efficiency is greatly improved. Therefore, Tencel cotton fabric is more affordable, at least making people feel not too expensive, thus the cost performance increases naturally. In addition, Tencel cotton fabric is better for printing. Tencel staple fiber mixed with cotton is fluffy and of uniform colors and stability. Unlike silk fabric which not only has the heavy pre-treatment and sandwashing process, its color is difficult to be dyed correctly. Many traditional cotton printing plants can achieve one-stop production for Tencel cotton fabrics. The market share for high printing will be easily occupied, which is the advantage of Tencel cotton fabrics than others.

Tencel fabric suppliers have devoted more attention to printing and dyeing. Printing and dyeing is almost the biggest bottleneck in the development of Tencel fabrics. The more stable Tencel cotton fabric is, the more affordable it will be and the better control of its risk will be, which is easier to increase sales. Tencel cotton printing and dyeing processing is of high stability, and it's cost-effective and extensive. The improved processing not only solves the inherent difficulties for Tencel fabrics but also expands their types. We should make good use of the advantage of Tencel cotton fabrics.
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