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Cupro Cotton Fabric

Cupro Cotton Fabric

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Cupro is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber, which dissolves the natural cellulose raw material of cotton and other natural cellulose materials in the concentrated ammonia solution of copper hydroxide or alkaline copper salt. It is blended into spinning solution, and the cellulose is decomposed by the decomposition of the cupric cellulose molecule chemical in the solidification bath. The most attractive characteristics of cupro fiber are moisture absorption and moisture release. They are respiratory and refreshing fibers. The use of cupro fiber is roughly the same as viscose fiber, but the single fiber of the cupro fiber is thinner than the viscose fiber. The product has excellent performance, the performance is similar to the silk, the hygroscopicity is good, and the sense of draping is very good. In addition, it has good antistatic function, even in the dry area it still has good touch, can avoid the muggy uncomfortable, which is the important reason that makes it a popular cloth close to skin, and is still in an irreplaceable position. At present, cupro fabric, becoming the best material for making women garments. As a fabric, it feels soft and smooth, and it is of environment friendly. So it is often used as a high grade fabric for high quality level dress, shirt,tops and culottes, etc.

Cotton/cupro blended two different materials together to complement each other. It feels soft and has fine draping, bright, clean appearance, colorful, comfortable, breathable and it has skin friendly characteristics. Its performance is similar to silk and is very suitable for processing high-grade clothing. It has good use value for making garments.

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