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  • Cupro Blended Woven Fabrics

    Light, soft, breathable and cupro is similar to silk, suitable for making different types of suits. Cupro Blended Woven Fabrics
  • 100% Cupro Woven Fabrics

    The cross-section of the cupro fiber is round, it has no core structure. The fiber can bear high tensile strength, the prepared monofilament is fine, generally below 1.33dtex (1.2 deniers), up to 0.44... 100% Cupro Woven Fabrics
Cuprammonium fabric is made from cellulose pulp(cotton, wood), which is dissolved in cupro solution and spinning. Cupro is regenerated cellulose fiber.

Ability of absorption and dope dyed: under normal circumstance, cupro’s ability of absorption is better than cotton fiber and similar to viscose;  And can self-swelling much after absorbing moisture. Cupro fiber has no cortical construction, which makes the fiber much easier to be dyed. 

Strength of Cupro fiber: Cupra fiber is high polymerized, and after highly tensile, the degree of orientation is good. So the strength of tensile of cupro is better than that of viscose. In addition, cupro’s resistance to friction is also better than viscose.

Glossiness and hand-feel: Single fiber of cupro is quite thin, these cupro fibers made to cupro fabrics and the fabric feels smooth and soft. What’s more, cupro yarn contains more these thin fibers, much likely to silk, scattered light reflection increasing, soft glossiness, possessing the style of the silk fabric.   

Other characteristics: the density of cupro fiber is close to cotton and viscose fiber; the acid resistance of cupro fiber is similar to viscose fiber; Cupro fiber can be dissolved both in cold concentrated acid and hot diluted acid. Cupro fiber will swell when touch with alkali and the strength will be weakened, until dissolved. Cupro fiber generally does not dissolve in organic solvents but soluble in cuprammonium solution.

Application of cupro fiber: Cupro fiber generally made from filament, used to make frivolous fabrics and imitation silk products, such as underwear, dresses, sleepwear, etc.
Cupro fiber fabric is one of the important varieties of high-grade clothing lining cloth, Cupro fiber and polyester woven fabrics, cupro fiber and viscose interweave fabric is commonly used in high-grade suits.
cupro fiber material is smooth and of good drapability.

We strive to maintain and create more fashion and popular fabrics, to satisfy our customers' personalized demand. Different styles with stable quality cupro fabrics will always in stock.

Cupro woven fabric
Composition Specification Width Structure Dye/Print
100% Cupro 75D~120D,
Twill/Plain/ Jacquard/Satin/…… Both
Cupro+ Cotton
Cupro+ Linen
Cupro+ Rayon
Cupro+ Viscose
Cupro+ Tencel
Cupro+ spandex
Cupro+ Terylene
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