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Modal Clothing Material

Modal Clothing Material

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The dry strength of the modal clothing material is close to that of polyester, while the wet strength is much better than that of ordinary viscose. Its gloss, softness, hygroscopicity, dyeing, dyeing durability are better than those of pure cotton products. The clothes made of modal clothing material shows silky brightness, a pleasant soft touch feeling, good draping and excellent durability.

The features of modal clothing material 

Modal fiber is characterized by the combination of the luxurious texture of natural fibers and the practicality of synthetic fibers. It has cotton-like softness, silky luster, hemp-like smoothness with its water absorption and air permeability better than those of cotton. It dyes easily and has bright and full colors. Modal clothing material blended with various fibers, such as cotton, hemp, and silk can improve the quality of the fabric, which can keep soft and smooth and play into full the characteristics of each fiber materials, achieving better dressing effects.
  • Modal clothing material is characterized by softness, good draping and comfortable wearing.
  • The moisture absorption and air permeability of Modal clothing material are better than those of pure cotton fabrics, which is the ideal fabric and healthy clothing product and beneficial to human physiological circulation and health.
  • The Modal clothing material is smooth and delicate with natural silky effects.
  • Modal clothing material is a natural mercerized fabric with bright colors.
  • The performance of Modal clothing material is stable. After 25 times of washing with cotton fabrics, the cotton fabric will become harder and harder. However, Modal fiber fabric is the opposite. After repeated washing, Modal clothing material still retains its original smoothness, softness and brightness. The more times it is washed, the more beautiful and softer it will be.
  • Modal clothing material has good dressing effects and stable clothing forms. It has a natural anti-wrinkle property with no need to iron, making it more convenient and natural to wear.
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