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Tencel Blended Woven Fabrics

  • Lycra Tencel Fabric

    Tencel is not silk but a new kind of viscose fibers made from wood pulp and solvent spinning. Tencel is glossy, soft, not easily deformed compared to other fabrics. In the process of its production an... Lycra Tencel Fabric
  • Tencel Cotton Blend Fabric

    Tencel cotton blended fabric is a kind of Tencel fabrics which is produced after blending with a certain percentage, generally 50% and 50%, of the tencel fabric and cotton. Although it contains Tencel... Tencel Cotton Blend Fabric
  • Tencel Polyester Blend Fabric

    Tencel polyester fabric blends or interweaves, namely, Tencel and polyester, whose main components are Tencel and polyester. Polyester fabric is characterized by abrasion resistance, which is not easy... Tencel Polyester Blend Fabric
  • Linen Tencel Blend Fabric

    Tencel fabric has good moisture absorption and permeability with the high-end peach peel appearance. Linen fiber is a kind of "green fibers" with the natural health care function, which absorbs moistu... Linen Tencel Blend Fabric
  • Hemp Tencel Fabric

    Tencel hemp is a kind of natural regenerated fibers while it's usually more referred to as mixed with a fabric mixed with Tencel and hemp.The Tencel and hemp fabric is a kind of fabrics that are inter... Hemp Tencel Fabric
  • Tencel Denim Fabric

    What is Tencel denim fabric? In fact, it can be understood as the innovation of cotton denim fabric, replacing traditional cotton with tencel, so as to upgrade its function and performance. At present... Tencel Denim Fabric
  • Tencel Jersey Fabric

    It has strong dry and wet strength, and the dry-wet strength ratio is 85%.Higher swelling property: dry-wet volume 1:1.4It has unique fibrillation characteristics, that is, pure Tencel jersey fabrics ... Tencel Jersey Fabric
  • Tencel Spandex Fabric

    Tencel spandex fabric has the unique softness and wears comfortable with silky touch, attractive shapes and bright colors.First, it's soft and skin-friendly. "High-quality materials" are selected and ... Tencel Spandex Fabric
  • Tencel Rayon Fabric

    What is Tencel Fiber Fabric? Tencel fiber is a new type of artificial cellulose fabric. It comes from cellulose in trees. By using organic solvent (NMMO) spinning process, it is completed under physic... Tencel Rayon Fabric
  • Tencel Modal Fabric

    Tencel modal, 100% natural wood pulp fiber from Austria, is soft for skins, delicate and smooth with silky bright luster, but its price is more affordable than that of silk and it also washes more con... Tencel Modal Fabric
  • Tencel Cupro Fabric

    Tencel cupro fabric is a kind of Tencel fabrics, which belongs to the class of mixed woven fabrics and can be divided into non-elastic and elastic ones. The most popular pattern for first non-elastic ... Tencel Cupro Fabric
  • Viscose Tencel Fabric

    The traditional viscose fabric first comes from alkali by alkaline cellulose and then forms into alkali cellulose, and then it's produced with cellulose xanthate. When dissolving it in dilute alkali s... Viscose Tencel Fabric
The characteristics of Tencel blends fabric is unity of natural fiber luxurious texture and practical of synthetic fiber. It has soft and silky luster property. It's smooth and its water absorption and air permeability are superior to those of cotton. It has high dye uptake and bright and full colors of the fabric. It can be blended and interwoven with a variety of fibers, such as cotton, linen, polyester,cupro and so force as to improve the quality of these fabrics, while the fabric can remain soft and smooth and give into full play the characteristics of their respective fibers to achieve better effects.

Tencel blended woven fabrics has all the natural properties of the cellulose fiber, including good moisture absorption, comfortable wearing, good gloss, excellent dyeing performance and biodegradable properties, It can complete biodegradation as time goes, participate in the biological cycle of nature, and cause no environmental pollution.
  • Tencel blended woven fabrics has high dry and wet strengths.
  • Tencel woven fabrics can be blended with other fibers to improve the strength of filament yarn and the evenness of yarns.
  • The shrinkage of Tencel blended woven fabrics is very low and the size stability of garments made of the fabric is good which are also washable.
  • The cross-section of the fiber is round and the surface is smooth with a silky gloss.
  • The post-processing methods of Tencel fiber fabrics are more extensive than those of viscose fibers, thus various styles and feels of fabrics can be obtained.
The 100% Tencel /blends fabric is more widely used,especially made for top quality women's garments.

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