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100% Modal Woven Fabrics

100% Modal Woven Fabrics

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Modal fiber has both the luxury of natural fiber and practicability of synthetic fiber. 100% Modal Woven Fabrics is soft like cotton, glossy like silk, and smooth like hemp. What's more, its water absorption and air permeability are better than the cotton. 100% Modal Woven Fabrics also has high dyeing rate. And the products made of 100% Modal Woven Fabrics is bright and full. Of course, modal fiber can blend with various fabrics material, such as cotton, hemp, silk and so on, which can improve the quality, maintain soft, smooth, and play all the characteristics of the fibers,  so as to achieve the better effect.

100% Modal Woven Fabrics has perfect dyeing performance. Even after many times of washing, it can still remain the bright as new. And 100% Modal Woven Fabrics have good moisture absorption ability and wonderful colorfastness. Comparing with pure cotton, the clothes made of 100% Modal Woven Fabrics wears more comfortable, and also it is not easy to fade or get yellow like cotton clothes. After 25 times of washing, the cotton fabric will be harder and cruder. But modal fiber fabric is just the opposite, it will be softer.

The advantages of 100% Modal Woven Fabrics

  • The dry strength is close to the polyester, while the wet strength is much higher than the ordinary viscose.
  • The products made of 100% Modal Woven Fabrics is especially smooth. The fabric is bright and glossy, and the drape is all better than the existing cotton, polyester and human cotton. It has good luster and feels like pure feeling. 100% Modal Woven Fabrics is a natural mercerized fabric!
  • 100% Modal Woven Fabrics has soft touching.
  • Good moisture absorption. Its absorbent capacity is 50% higher than cotton fiber, which makes the modal fiber fabric dry and breathable. Therefore, it is the ideal fabric and health clothing material.
  • Strong form stability. With the good shape and dimensional stability, the 100% modal woven fabrics have natural anti-wrinkle and non-ironing, which makes the dress more convenient and natural.
  • Good dyeability. The color of the Modal fiber fabric is bright and glossy. It is a natural silk fabric with good color fastness.
  • After several times' washing, the 100% Modal woven fabrics will be still smooth, soft and bright.
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