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Cotton Modal Knit Fabric

Cotton Modal Knit Fabric

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Modal fiber is a kind of cellulose fiber, which is made from wood pulp. It is made of wood slurry after special spinning process. So it belongs to cellulose fiber like cotton and is pure natural fiber. So some businesses call Modal as Modal Cotton. It is mainly produced to make clothing/garments and home textiles.

The Differences between Cotton Modal Knit Fabric and Pure Cotton

1. The biggest difference between Modal and pure cotton is that Modal has better moisture absorption and softness than pure cotton. At least 75% of cotton in pure cotton is called pure cotton. Its advantage is loose and breathable, but its disadvantage is that it is easy to change and will not feel slippery. Modal is a kind of cellulose regenerated fibers with high wet modulus viscose fibers. The raw materials are all natural materials. It is harmless to human body and can be decomposed naturally, which is harmless to the environment. Its luster, softness, hygroscopicity, dyeability and fastness are superior to pure cotton products.
2. In terms of cost: the cost of Modal fabrics is relatively higher than that of pure cotton.
3. In durability: In durability, cotton fabrics will be better. For coats, cotton is more economical and practical than Modal cloth.
4. The difference between Modal and pure cotton is that Modal has a good appearance and silky luster, looks graceful and luxurious, and greatly improves the grade of clothing; good hand feel and drape make clothing more elegant, more portable, and extremely soft touch, which gives the second skin of the fabric the nickname. However, pure cotton fabrics are rigid; gloss is not very good, and it is not smooth.
5. Cotton Modal Knit Fabric and pure cotton are extracted from plant fibers, which have the advantages of bacteriostasis, antimicrobial, non-greasy, odor-free, non-mildew, soft touch, air permeability, environmental protection and health. It's very healthy to use them to make fabrics. It does not harm the body or the environment. Moreover, these two materials can still retain bright colors after repeated washing, so they are widely used.

In order to cover the shortage of the extreme softness of Modal Knit Fabric that without skeleton, the body curve is too obvious to wear out; blending with cotton not only keeps the original soft and natural characteristics, but also makes Modal more widely used in outwear. Modal cotton is a pure natural wood fiber product, which is the result of modern high-tech. Its high quality, soft and anti-bacterial,will give you a new feeling, fashion enjoyment. Modal cotton fabric has good clothing effect, strong morphological stability, natural wrinkle resistance and ironing resistance, making it more convenient and natural to wear.

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