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Eco Tex / Environmental Fabrics

  • 100% Tencel Woven Fabrics

    Top quality Tencel; Normal for dyeing & suitable for printing as well; Ideal for making leisure wear, women's dress & trousers. 100% Tencel Woven Fabrics
  • 100% Modal Woven Fabrics

    The moisture absorption ability of modal fiber is supreme; Dress & blouse made of modal gives skin smooth and soft touch; Modal fiber is quite suitable for sensitive skin. 100% Modal Woven Fabrics
  • Lycra Tencel Fabric

    Tencel is not silk but a new kind of viscose fibers made from wood pulp and solvent spinning. Tencel is glossy, soft, not easily deformed compared to other fabrics. In the process of its production an... Lycra Tencel Fabric
  • Modal Clothing Material

    The dry strength of the modal clothing material is close to that of polyester, while the wet strength is much better than that of ordinary viscose. Its gloss, softness, hygroscopicity, dyeing, dyeing ... Modal Clothing Material
  • Cupro Cotton Ramie Fabric

    Cuprammonium cotton ramie fabric is not new to us. In our lives, many fabrics are made of cuprammonium cotton and ramie fabric. It is a solvent based cellulose fiber with solvent spinning technology. ... Cupro Cotton Ramie Fabric
  • 100% Cupro Woven Fabrics

    The cross-section of the cupro fiber is round, it has no core structure. The fiber can bear high tensile strength, the prepared monofilament is fine, generally below 1.33dtex (1.2 deniers), up to 0.44... 100% Cupro Woven Fabrics
  • Tencel Cotton Blend Fabric

    Tencel cotton blended fabric is a kind of Tencel fabrics which is produced after blending with a certain percentage, generally 50% and 50%, of the tencel fabric and cotton. Although it contains Tencel... Tencel Cotton Blend Fabric
  • Cotton And Modal Blend Fabric

    Modal is also called Modal fiber. The raw material is made of European beech woods, then made into pulp and woven into the Modal fiber. The raw material is 100% natural and harmless to human body. It ... Cotton And Modal Blend Fabric
  • Cupro Tencel Fabric

    Cuprammouium tencel fabric is generally blended with high quality cotton fiber and silk, it has less impurities and is delicate. What’s more, it combines with a superior silk fiber, so cuprammouium t... Cupro Tencel Fabric
  • 100% Modal Jersey Knit Fabric

    The outstanding ability of breathe makes modal knit fabric suit for making sportswear, jersey and underwear; Helps human blood circle and health. 100% Modal Jersey Knit Fabric
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