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Modal Lycra Fabric

Modal Lycra Fabric

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Lycra, called the "friendly" fiber, is made from 95% cotton and 5% Lycra, which is now synonymous with spandex.
Its main features are as follows
  • One of its most important features is its amazing stretch and skin-closing nature.
  • Lycra cotton is the favorite among women. The clothes made of it will be very elegant and comfortable.
  • Lycra is now widely used in women's skin-closing clothing as well as some special clothes, such as yoga suits, sports suits, and formal suits.
Modal, originate in Europe, is a essential cellulose fiber. In other words, it's a real man-made fiber like cotton.
Its main features are as follows.
  • Its raw material is trees so it can be decomposed naturally and won't harm the environment.
  • Modal has a great touch and a very bright color. It is one of the natural silk fabrics. In addition, it has good form and certain stability. This makes it appear very natural and elegant.
  • It's a natural fabric without harm to the human body and used for pyjamas and lingerie.

The similarities and differences between Lycra and Modal

  • Both can be blended with other fibers, such as cotton, hemp and silk to improve the quality of these fabrics while the fabric can remain soft and smooth.
  • Both have great elasticity are comfortable skin-closing with excellent body shaping effects.
  • Modal alone can be made into clothing while Lycra must be blended with other fibers.
  • In view of their own characteristics, Modal is more suitable for underwear fabrics, because it is softer, skin-closing and 100% natural with good air penetrability.

Lycra is more flexible than ModAl, which is why Lycra is less soft than Modal. As a result, Lycra is used for body-shaping underwear, gym clothes, bathing suits and other body-shaping clothing.

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