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Cupro Dacron Fabric

Cupro Dacron Fabric

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Cuprammouium fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber, which is made of natural cellulose raw materials such as cotton short wool in a concentrated ammonia solution of Cu (OH) 2 or alkaline copper salt to make spinning solution; in the coagulant, the copper ammonia cellulose molecules then decompose cellulose and produce cellulose, and the fiber obtained after processing is copper ammonia fiber.

The moisture absorption rate of cuprammouium fiber is close to that of viscose fiber, and its regain is 11%. Under general atmospheric pressure, the moisture regains rate can reach 12%-13%. When the strength is in a dry state, it is close to viscose fiber, but in the wet state, the strength is higher than viscose fiber, and its wet strength is 65-70% in the dry state, and the wear resistance is better than viscose fiber. The cross-section of the copper ammonia fiber is round, without core structure, the fiber can be stretched highly, so the monofilament can be finer, so the fabric made of copper and ammonia is soft and mild and has a feeling of real silk.

Hollow polyester staple fiber/cuprammouium dacron fabric is a modified polyester short fiber with a capillary inner cavity. The fiber has longitudinal grooves. It has the characteristics of permanent moisture absorption, fast drying, keeping warm, and automatic adjustment of body and heat balance. The fabric of copper ammonia / hollow polyester blended yarn not only has the advantages of copper ammonia fiber but also has the characteristics of the hollow polyester fiber. It not only feels soft and looks mild and has strong draping sense, but also has a good moisture absorption and moisture conductivity; It not only has the silk-like "close skin", but also has brand new, anti-wrinkle and other advantages. After washing, the shape will still be well preserved.
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