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Cotton And Modal Blend Fabric

Cotton And Modal Blend Fabric

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Modal is also called Modal fiber. The raw material is made of European beech woods, then made into pulp and woven into the Modal fiber. The raw material is 100% natural and harmless to human body. It can be decomposed naturally and is harmless to the environment. When blended with cotton, polyester and other fabrics, it has a silky luster, good draping, softness and smoothness. It has excellent dimensional stability and durability and is the first choice for making high-end and fashionable clothes. It is mainly produced in the household clothing and bedding.

The difference between Modal cotton and pure cotton

The biggest difference between Modal and pure cotton is that Modal's moisture and softness are superior to those of pure cotton. This advantage is often reflected by underwear used winter and summer days.
  • Cost: The cost of the Modal fabric is relatively high compared to that of pure cotton.
  • Durability: The durability of cotton fabrics is better. For coats, cotton will be more economical and more practical than Modal.

In order to make up the Modal knitted fabric's extreme softness and little stiffness too obvious to wear out, blended with cotton, it retains its original softness and natural features and can be worn outside. Modal cotton is a pure natural wood fiber product and result of modern high technologies. Its high quality, soft antibacterial and low price will give you a brand-new feeling and fashionable enjoyment. Modal cotton fabrics have good effects, good form stability, natural anti-wrinkle and ironing function, making it more convenient and natural.

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